If you are really enjoying your JTD jewelry, I'd love to let the world know. Write me at janetipton@cox.net, and I'll post it. Thank you for your support!

From my clients...

"Jane’s lovely energy and enthusiasm for life is infused in every piece of jewelry she creates.  Putting on a piece of that jewelry allows the wearer to experience a burst of joy that lasts through the day.  Who wouldn’t want to add that to your everyday?  Thank you Jane!"
"I consider myself an avid collector of Jane Tipton's wearable art, being especially drawn to the amulet collection.  Each piece is beautifully unique and lovingly created with an artful eye, a gemologist's knowledge, and an appreciation of each stone that goes into a creation.  I enjoy the fact that Jane provides a pedigree with each piece, listing the stones used as well as the symbolism of the Hindu deity featured on the amulet.  I always receive a number of compliments when I wear a piece created by Jane---truly a delight to wear anytime, anywhere!"
Diana B., San Diego, CA
"Jane continues to mix rare stones and unique objects in the most creative way!  We have always been  impressed with her designs combining the aura and mystique of other cultures with even the most modern clothes.  Her color combinations compliment all tastes and styles.  Bet you can't have just one item, we certainly could not!"
J. L., Rancho Penasquitos, CA
"Thank you for being there to celebrate our wedding day!  I love having Jane's beautiful pair of earrings in our photos!  I also absolutely love the beautiful handmade earrings and bracelet by JT!  I get compliments whenever I wear them.  Love and blessings, Brian and Olivia"
Brian & Olivia T., San Marcos, CA
"Jane's work is beautifully designed and precisely executed.  The stones are of very high quality.  Her designs are quite feminine and I wear her pieces frequently.  I have given them as gifts to happy recipients, even though they were so hard to part with!"
Janet H., Encinitas, CA
"In addition to having a few of Jane's pieces in my personal collection, I also love showing her line at my boutique.  Everyone wears her jewelry in their own way.  My way is on my Harley at Sturgis!  You know what they say about pearls... they're ALWAYS appropriate."
G. O'Malley, Solana Beach
"The Aquamarine 7th Heaven necklace I wear, created and made by Jane, makes me feel like a Hindu Goddess!  I'm a jewelry designer/creator so my purchases are limited to what inspires me the most.  Jane's creations are chock full of love and creativity.  She crafts each piece with the utmost detail using her expert knowledge of the art.  The stones and findings are of the highest quality. I'm sure this is just the first of her treasures to belong to me.  Muchas gracias Jane!"
Kevin M., San Clemente, CA
"If you want quality jewelry meticulously made to last a lifetime with detailed workmanship and the finest pieces, look no further than the art work of Jane Tipton.  It honestly is artwork for the body, and soul for that matter.  It is beautiful and elegant ranging from an archaic flare in appearance as if a priceless piece from a different era in time to modern day contemporary looks...  I would also say they are great conversation pieces that can dress up any outfit as they bring out your personality and style for whatever occasion you choose.  This was definitely a buy I did not regret."
Drita W., Cleveland, Ohio
"I've been buying Jane's wonderful jewelry for my wife for over a decade.  The uniqueness of her designs has always drawn me towards her "Work" and my wife is ecstatic when she receives them as presents!  Such subtle classic beauty."
Alex Long, www.alexlongart.com
"Jane Tipton Jewelry is absolutely beautiful!  The stunning piece from her collection that I have the privilege of owning is of her African Turquoise Collection with a lovely silver pendent and matching stone earrings; it always gets me lots of attention and compliments my skin tones wonderfully.  My husband requests that I wear the African Turquoise set often as he really likes it.  It is definitely some of most treasured pieces and I so look forward to obtaining more pieces from her in the very near future!"
Marion B., San Diego, CA
"I like all of the designs of your jewelry.  They are very original.  I have your earrings, they are sooooo cute!!  Also I like the meaning of this stone, I hear those Smokey Quartz Crystals are good for psychic protection and grounding the body energy."
Hitome F., Glen Burnie, Maryland
"My Tiptons are special.  They are special to me, and they make me feel special.  Seriously, whether it's an art exhibit here or abroad, or a night out with my man, my Tipton jewelry comes along, making a special event even more special.  I love my Jane Tipton jewelry; they are works of art."
"I have purchased both earrings and a bracelet from Jane.  As is consistent with the artist, the earrings and bracelet are beautiful and elegant, yet fun and playful.  They are beautifully made and simply add sparkle whenever I wear them.  They are treasured pieces."
Melinda S., Laguna Niguel, CA
"Hi. I'm John Warren, one of the sculpture artists at Trios Gallery.  I have also been an exhibitor at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts.  During these years I have seen a lot of very fine artwork.  In typical pragmatic male fashion, I have chosen jewelry-art for my wife's birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts.  Long ago, I discovered it was impossible to buy clothing for her.  She liked to shop for herself.  Fragrances were too risky.  Jewelry is the perfect gift to say, "I love you!"  It is tangible, valuable, takes up little space (efficient male perspective) and enhances my wife's natural beauty.  Furthermore - I as a sculptural artist (with good taste) - get to view it upon her as well.  Necklaces and matching earrings by Jane Tipton, are my favorite.  Jane's personality is grounded as a sensual 'Earth sign'.  Unusual assemblages of semi-precious stones are her natural specialty.  Thank you, Jane, for allowing me to acquire these adornment compositions from your treasure chest of jewels.  You have brought to us such good fortune and love."
John Warren, www.rocknfish.com
"I'm a fan of Jane Tipton Design jewelry since 1999.  She has a unique style that I could recognize among many ornaments.  I have always said they had the Jane "touch."  The stones are chosen with taste and wires worked with care.  She strives for perfection and makes sure to please her client.  My favorite ornaments are with the amulets! I set according to my moods!  I love her and her jewelry."
Cécile D., Toulouse, France
"I met Jane about 8 years ago and fell in love with her goddess jewelry right away.  Over the years I have purchased her beautiful jewelry whenever I want a special treat for myself.  Her jewelry is not only elegant and gorgeous eye candy but to me each piece invokes a symbolic message that feels spiritual, historical and personal to the wearer.  I give Jane 5 stars for her artistry and design brillance! Thanks Jane!"
"I absolutely adore my Jane Jewelry.  I take some of my favorite Jane pieces with me on our trips so they are traveling and enjoying retirement, too." 
Linda T., Carlsbad, CA
"Jane makes finding a new piece of jewelry both fun and an adventure.  There is a lot of jewelry out there but when you go to Jane you wind up seeing the essence of the piece as well as all the fun and adventure (and work) that went in to creating it.  Jane spends inordinate amounts of time being friendly and informative about her passion for jewelry and her enjoyment of people.  She really knows her stuff in a technical way and she is a total education in gemology and metalwork whenever you talk to her.  More, she finds very interesting and beautiful stones and pendants that she uses and has collected from interesting places.  All of this makes each piece of her jewelry unique and beautiful.  Over the years we have obtained numerous of her creations and we still enjoy them all as well as knowing Jane."
Jay C., San Diego, CA
"Jane's attention to detail and her passion for her craft is unparalleled.  She brings out the beauty of each and every piece of jewelry she works with.  Even after knowing her for years, her work still delights and inspires me.  It is well named for the goddess in each of us."
Jennifer Pennell, www.ShineLevity.com
"It has been such a pleasure to wear Jane Tipton's earrings because they radiate such elegance and grace.  I love how Jane is so knowledgeable about the stones she uses too.  It shows she puts a lot of love and intention in her artistry."
Betsy FinkelhooSan Diego, CA
"Jane is a very dear friend of mine, and is not only a talented creative jeweler but an exceptional human being as well... encompassing an incredibly caring, thoughtful, loving spirit and integrity that which her exquisite jewelry is but a representation of... One should consider themselves blessed to own and wear one of her designs as these qualities are present in every piece she creates.  Most recently she designed a necklace and earrings set from three green amethysts that I owned.  When it arrived in the mail, I opened the box and gasped as it was that beautiful, and the most wonderful part is that I feel Jane's energy and grace each time I wear them.  Thank you for your beautiful jewelry Jane... but most of all, thank you for your friendship..."
Pegi G., Pine Island, Florida
"I cannot call Jane's creations "jewelry," for really, they are ever so much more.  She puts herself into the pieces she creates and presences them with attention to detail, balance, awareness, and a certain joyfulness that can come only from a love of the creative process.  Her work is beautiful, spectacular, really, and if you're viewing it here on the website and not in person, you are missing the fullness of the beauty of her creations.  You really do have to see it to believe it.  I feel like nothing less than a goddess when I am adorned with one of her beautiful works of art."
 D. R., Solana Beach, CA
"You can barely see the earrings on this pic, but I looooove them.  I cannot wait until my birthday, so I'm wearing my amazing necklace set to the grocery store :-)  After all, tomorrow is not promised. Thanks for all your kindness.  The packaging was lovely.  I will send you thoughts of love and light each time I wear them :-)" 
Maxceen A., Chicago, Illinois
"The necklace arrived this afternoon, and I am already wearing it.  I love it, really love it! It is so perfect - delicate and lovely.  I can't thank you enough for such a pretty creation that has special meaning to me."
Pamela F., Rocklin, CA
"Jane and I are part of the mutual admiration club....the greatest perk being that her beautiful creations come home with me on occasion! Her work always seems to strike the right chord between being ethnic and elegant....no one can do this like Jane does. Her attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship is what makes her fans so loyal, myself included!"
 Laurie Mika,  www.mikaarts.com
"I want to thank you for the gorgeous Seventh Heaven necklace.  It is obvious that you poured your heart and wonderful talent into the beautiful color scheme and gradations.  I am honored to have one of your creations.  I do love, Love, LOVE the necklace!"
Suzanne M., Whittier, CA
 J. B., La Jolla, CA
"I, of course, took my new bracelet with me and wore it everyday.  I really, really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!  Thank you for creating such a pretty bracelet for me.  Yeah, I am sure you will be seeing me in some of your future shows.  Keep on creating......."
Tess W., Rancho Santa Fe, CA
"The necklace arrived safely today and is SO gorgeous....and I absolutely love it, thank you!  I will be keeping a keen eye on your website.  Thanks again, your work is stunning!"  
Leanne O., Victoria, Australia
"I am so thrilled with the beautiful pearl 7th Heaven necklace that Jane designed for me.  I am enchanted with the 7th Heaven designs in general and know I'll be back for more.  They are intricate and very beautiful.  I have been receiving many compliments already.  Thank you so much, Jane!"
Tracey Stanton, www.red-alchemy.com
"Your AWESOME jewels have arrived.  Both are beautiful; photos do not do your pieces justice!!  I know Mary will be thrilled unless I decide to keep it for me!!!  Just kidding...  Thanks so much for helping me find the best b-day gift for my friend."
Tami S., Silverthorne, Colorado
"Thanks so much for making beautiful jewelry that I love, love, love!  Your pieces are most interesting and your stunning personality shows in each one."  
Darline P., San Diego, CA
"I am so in love with my anklet!!!  The bell addition you made was brilliant!  It made my anklet PERFECT!  Thank you!  Oh and how nice to have something named in my honor.  YAY!!!  Very special indeed!"
Linda O., Chula Vista, CA
"Package arrived safely!  The necklace is PERFECT--- absolutely lovely!  I know my daughter will be thrilled.  Can hardly wait until Christmas to give it to her.  Thanks SO much for all your care in the packaging/wrapping.  It's been a pleasure working with you on this special gift and I know we'll be in touch again.  You're awesome! I'm grateful you decided to pursue your passion in life :-) :-)"
Nancy S., San Diego, CA
"Love, Love, LOVE my necklace and earrings!!  Then again, I knew I would!  I can't wait to wear them tomorrow evening.  My hematite necklace is the perfect companion piece - Lovely!"
Barbara A., Carlsbad, CA
"Your jewelry is so very special and I'm so honored to wear it. You have such a lively soul and me and my staff love your energy. My husband thought both "necklai" were works of art (he's the artist in the family). My daughter was already trying to steal the iolite one!" 
Alison A., San Diego, CA
"I love my new necklace.  It is perfect for me!  Thank you for being so talented at making jewelry, and thank you for being my personal jeweler.  Hugs, Marty"
Marty A., San Diego,  CA
"Jane -- stunning does not even begin to describe how beautiful your work is!  The bracelet is even more beautiful than your photo showed.  And the earrings - how did you fabricate them so perfectly in such a short time?!?!  I am totally taken aback by your artistry.  I am completely in love!  I need a matching necklace.  :-) "
Barbara S., Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
"I had the great fortune to meet Jane Tipton at the Talmadge Show and to see her fabulous jewelry.  I LOVE my new silver earrings - they have become my go-to earrings every day.  I get lots of compliments.  Thank you Jane!!  I look forward to more of your pieces."
Marilynn P.,  www.marilynnpardee.com
"I had totally been looking for a super unique piece to really mark this time in my life (which I know is full of grand beginnings). However, I am THRILLED that the piece has come through your magical work!  I was SO IMPRESSED with the genuine care you gave me (even just in that email exchange) and your clear passion for your work.  I am a HUGE fan and subscriber of products and experiences like the one you created for me, so I THANK YOU for this so much.  It inspires me and makes me feel so darn special!  Isn't that what we all want, after all?  Excited to see my gorgeous pieces!!!"   
Marissa D., San Diego, CA
"You know the beautiful jewelry you produce is worth every penny and then some.  I can't wait to see my treasure."
Judy Stintonwww.judystinton.com
"Thank you! I am delighted with both necklaces. My husband's sister will love the gorgeous vintage Swat Valley "button" necklace. The presentation is fabulous, too. We wanted to find something special to give her in honor of her 60th birthday - and thanks to you, we have! And I adore my new necklace. Last evening I spent time looking through my sweater drawer and closet, necklace in hand. I know I will wear it often and enjoy it very much. If only it would get cool enough to wear my sweaters!  Thanks again."
Terry H., San Diego, CA
"I got your package and wanted to say thank you! My girlfriend is VERY picky with jewelry so I wasn't sure how she would respond to the earrings.  She took one look and was like 'omg those are adorable!'  So BIG kudos to you, you did a great job!  We also loved your packaging which I think is a great personal touch and really sets you apart. The handwritten card was definitely appreciated as well.  Overall, I couldn't say enough positive things. Thank you again and hope all is well on your end!"
Jon M.,  Wilmington, North Carolina
"Good Morning Jane!  I received the most GORGEOUS pair of garnet earrings in the mail yesterday.....thank you so much and a bigger THANK YOU for expediting my order.  You are so very kind and accommodating. I have and will continue to spread the word of your jewelry making talents." 
Eileen G., San Diego, CA
"You have in me one happily satisfied customer who is feeling the love and connection flowing through your artistry into my necklaces and earrings  :-)   Buyer beware: You undoubtedly can search and search but I guarantee you will never find another artist who offers such a great product combined with such  grace, laughter, confidence, outstanding personalized service and of course ARTISTRY  beyond compare......."
Joanne M., Alpine, CA 
"Rachel loves her bracelet, and wears it every day."
"I have so enjoyed your notes!!! Thank you!  I got my earrings on Friday (or was it on Saturday?), and have worn them once already.  I love them!!!!!  Your earrings are so light and comfy, while being beautiful."  
Annette H., Ellicott City, Maryland
"Got my amazing necklace very early this morning.  I squealed like a ten year old.  It's even more beautiful than I remembered.  As a matter of fact I still have it on. It even looks great with my night gown.  Can't wait to get all the "omg where did you get your beautiful necklace?" as I beam and say, it's hand made by Jane Tipton, the amazing jewelry artist, and beautiful human being.  Now I better shower and dress for the debut..." 
Maria M., Portsmouth, New Hampshire
"Thank you so much for rushing my necklace to me.  Of course it is beautiful, and I did receive it before Thanksgiving Day.  I will plan to get the other one while your special is still on. Thanks so much for your fabulous, personal service!!"
Kathi S., Santa Clarita, CA
"Always busy this time of year. Just went to my mailbox and got your package.  I love all the little details and the TLC, and of course the earrings are fabulous!!  I will love sparkling in them and the necklace. Big Mahalo!!"
C. Star, San Diego, CA
"I wore my new necklace yesterday. I am in love with it, and with how I feel when I wear it.  p.s.  I am wearing my necklace again today. I don't know why I ever thought I couldn't pull it off."
Karen P., Dublin, CA
"Thank you for the lovely earrings & necklace!  Jewelry for the Everyday Goddess!  I love it.  I love your exquisite attention to detail.  I've been wearing my necklace backwards sometimes, because I love the toggle clasp!  Thanks for spreading beauty & kindness around the world.  You are much appreciated!"
Cynthia Brown, www.cynthiaannebrown.com
"I wore my new necklace yesterday and like the way it felt. Creating art as you do is a gift, you clearly have an ability to visualize how things can go together and then craft them into reality."
A. F., San Diego, CA
"Thank you so much.  I love my necklace and wear it often.  I always get compliments and tell people where I bought it."  
Anne D., San Diego, CA
"I received my necklace and it is beautiful! Thank you for the lay-away option - two necklaces from a talented designer - priceless! Next time we are in San Diego we will definitely seek you out at Balboa Park! Take care and we hope to see you soon!  Your Texas pals, Mike & Liz"
Mike & Liz R., Dallas, TX 
"I absolutely LOVE the necklace and get compliments every time I wear it. Thank you for doing what you do send see you next time!"  
Jennifer B., San Diego, CA
"Funny thing - I haven’t been wearing the necklace much in the past couple of months, but I was inspired to wear it today... and then I get your email! The necklace is so beautiful and I love it, and your description is awesome, so I’m glad you shared it."  
Molly A., Wells, Maine
"As the days go by, I fall more in love with this beautiful set. I wear it almost everyday, and every time I do, I get compliments on how elegant and unique it looks. Some of my friends that have visited your website say you have the most beautiful jewelry."
Rosa T., Miami, Florida
"LOVE the earrings, very different for me, but really pleased with the style.  I will be ordering in September and October for my daughters birthdays.  Again, thanks so much!"
Debby L., Palm Springs, CA
"I just LOVE your jewelry!  Glad I met you in San Diego!   I understand my sister ordered the hematite earrings.  Thank you for your work and love of the obscure. I win with your unique pieces."   
Janet D., Carol Stream, IL
"Today is my wedding anniversary and my husband gave me TWO beautiful necklaces and a LADYBUG bracelet!  I love them so much.  The amulets are very meaningful to me and the bracelet is just adorable.  Thank you for these gorgeous pieces and your tremendous artistry.  They are perfect!"  
Mary Beth F., Chicago, IL
"I not only think my necklace is spectacular but exquisite!  I love it and I'm already starting to feel like an everyday Goddess!  The length is perfect and the beads, garnets, and amulet so beautiful. Thank you for the awesome presentation wrapping and polishing cloth.  I will take good care of this piece of jewelry!  Hope you will remember me when you are famous!  BEAUTIFUL."  
Arronlea A., Palm Desert, CA