I'm very proud of the work I do, and I want you to be pleased with your choices.  If your new jewelry is not everything you hoped it would be, please return it in the same good condition within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund (less shipping).  I stand behind my craftsmanship, and any repairs required (which are not due to negligence) are gratis within the first year.  Simply return the work to me via insured mail.
Jane Tipton Designs
P.O. Box 34302
San Diego, CA  92163



I ship anywhere in the United States via insured, priority mail. 
Using flat rate boxes means that there's no added cost even if you're shipping to Hawai'i or Alaska.  Only the cost of insurance changes based on the amount purchased.  The prices below reflect rates that are less than what the post office charges me, but it keeps things more fun this way.
Up to $150                     $ 5.95
$150.01 to $499.99        $ 7.95
$500 and above              Free
If orders receiving free shipping are returned, the actual shipping expense will be deducted from the refunded amount (likely somewhere between $15 and $20).  Thanks for your understanding.
The U.S. Postal Service can ship a small flat-rate box by priority mail almost anywhere in the world for $33.95.  Every country I've checked estimates the delivery time at 6 - 10 days.  The declared value cannot exceed $400, and it cannot be insured.  I trust that you will know how reliable your country's postal system is, and please check to see if there are any import tariffs.  I know that the U.S. has a free trade agreement with both Australia and Canada, so your purchases should be duty-free.  I currently have pieces happily living abroad in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Israel, and Mexico.  Thanks, Merci, 谢谢, Danke, תוֹדָה, and Gracias!
Thank you for being interested in multiple items!  The matching necklace and earrings sets that have a single "Buy Now" button already have combined shipping (and a little discount on the earrings, too :-)  If you'd like multiple items or sets (thank you so much!) please contact me, so I can send you a revised Paypal invoice with a lower combined shipping cost.  Sorry for the added step, but it will save you money, and make your purchase a single transaction.  Way better, right?
In the archive and elsewhere on the site, you'll see items which are noted as special orders.  I can make these items, or something similar, but they are not in stock.  If you would prefer to leave a 50% deposit (instead of full payment with the "Buy Now" button), please contact me, and I can send out a PayPal invoice to get things started.  Then I can send another for the balance just before shipping.  The estimated completion time is usually 8 weeks.  It may be sooner, but I'd rather surprise than disappoint.  Thanks.
In general, I would say that I don't do custom orders.  The one exception is amulet necklaces.  If you have a favorite Hindu god, goddess, or image, I can send you a photo of what amulets I have that could fulfill your heart's desire.  Add to that a specific gemstone you like, or a range of colors that are your favorites, and I can send you photos of those, too.  Prices are determined mostly by the size of the amulet, and the cost of the gemstones.  The smaller amulet necklaces usually range from $195 to $250, medium from $250 to $375, and the largest ones (or with a lot of labor) usually top out at about $650.  I may also be able to do custom 7th Heaven necklaces, but (strange as it may sound) I have to be in a special "mood" to work with the gold, and sometimes months pass between these moods.  I'd rather just make a note of your request, and let you know if I complete one like what you had in mind.
Yes, I do have an interest-free layaway plan.  Most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, and sometimes we find love at financially inconvenient times.  My hope is to make your acquisition as effortless as possible.  So, this is how it works: the item, plus shipping, and any (California) sales tax are totaled.  That amount is then divided into as many monthly payments as you find comfortable.  The time cannot be longer than a year, and the amount cannot be less than $25.  For example, a $112 layaway could be paid for in as many as 4 payments of $28.00.  A $585 layaway could be completed in as many as 12 payments of $48.75.  Faster payment is always welcome, but not necessary.  (I can also skip your bill in December if you like :-).  Payments can be made by check, or by PayPal invoice.  The piece will ship to you with the last payment.  Your new jewels will remain posted on the website for the duration, so you can "visit" as often as you like.  If you decide to change your mind, 15% of the received monies will be kept for restocking (so if you've paid $100 of a $200 layaway, only $15 is retained, not $30).  This will help me recoup my fees and time.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  I really want you to have your heart's desire.
Just let me know if your new jewels are gifts, and I'm happy to gift wrap them for free.  All my jewelry comes in recycled paper boxes with a cotton insert.  Below are photographs of my gift wrap for jewelry picked up at a show (in the gift bags), and jewelry that is shipped (in the black and gold wrapping paper with ribbons).  Also, new clients purchasing over $100 receive a free polishing cloth as a welcome gift.  If you would like to include a note in your package, please let me know. Thanks!
Okay, so this doesn't really qualify as a FAQ, but I think it's interesting, and you might, too.  There are all kinds of birthstones for your month, day, hour, season, etc. that you were born.  I'm "hiding" the link here as a reward for you for reading this far down on my FAQ page.  You're an animal!